Bad News, Good News from Vegas

Bad News, Good News from Vegas

Editor’s Note: I just realized this never got posted Friday, likely because I was feeling a tad under the weather. 



Bad News

I had my first losing session, lost $2k at the dice tables at about 4:30 AM today.


Good News

Like Lenny Dykstra, I ran my record prior to that losing session to 9-0.  I was losing a few hundred bucks early last night, had to go upstairs and take some dough out of the safe.  Came back in the middle of a gentleman’s roll.  Bought in for $500.  He rolled for one hour.  Cashed out for $7750 after his roll.

Went to dinner, we couldn’t stop talking about this guy’s roll.  “Probably never see something like it again.”  And then after dinner, a kid from Oklahoma or somewhere made me $13k on one roll.  Let’s just say this has been a good trip.  I love the Monte Carlo, shit brown craps tables and all.


Will get back to regularly scheduled bizness next week,


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