Some Odds, Some Ends, Some Micro Reviews

Some Odds, Some Ends, Some Micro Reviews




Hola, I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya…anyhoo, stayed up til 3:30 AM playing R-Type on the PS3.  Yes, that’s a videogame from 1987, not some of the newfangled shit that I can never figure out how to control.  But blowing up shit in two dimensions?  That, I understand.  But god am I awful – I blame it on the super-sensitive controller not being able to keep up with my cat-drinking-Red-Bull-like reflexes.  Anyway, I’m a little tired today, and also a little puzzled at how Bank of America is trading.  I need to read more but I thought converting all those government preferreds was tantamount to nationalization?  Guess not, prob just puts them in roughly same boat as big C.  Definite cause for 30% run.


Onto some stuff:


1.  Celebrity Apprentice

I am disgusted with myself for watching this moronic show (especially given that it’s always two hours long, except for the finale, which measures in at a horrific three hours).  Some Google searcher found my site yesterday by searching “I hate Annie Duke” – that amuses me because I don’t think I ever really wrote that sentiment specifically, but it was definitely coursing through my veins.  I have seen self-absorbed, self-obsessed, but Annie Duke takes it to a higher level, higher even than Tyra Banks.  I think she’s into self-deification at this point.  Hearing her crying and bragging about beating Clint Black in a songwriting contest was pure verbal ipecac.  

Of course, it all comes down to Joan vs. Annie now (I’m sure the producers had nothing to do with that).  Jesse James was clearly the most competent contestant (and, in his defense, Clint Black was the only one who seemed to realize it was a game).  I guess I’ll pull for a member of the Rivers family here, over-the-top insults aside (calling Annie “pit viper whore” and “Hitler” was probably excessive for a game ostensibly benefitting charities).  TV guys – please minimize the closeups of Joan’s face, it’s only slightly less shocking than the face transplant lady.


2.  Micro review: New Yankee Stadium

Went to the Yanks/Sox tilt Monday night, the one that started 2.5 hours late, my first time in the new stadium.  I’m no expert, but it’s pretty sweet: the jumbotron has insanely great resolution, the corridors inside are actually wide enough for more than 4-5 people to walk through simultaneously and the food options looked pretty good.  Belying my poor, unemployed state I had fantastic seats courtesy of a former colleague via some philanthropic lawyers (I doubt they were looking for future business or anything).  


There are a few good seats available
There are a few good seats available

There was some pretty humorous hazing going on, particularly toward Jason Varitek – “Don’t worry about it, Varitek, you’re making up for your offense with your D” – the game after Carl Crawford had a major league record-tying six stolen bases against Boston.  Okay, maybe that’s only funny to me – but anything repeated like 60 times ten feet from the dude is likely to seem funny.  Starting to understand why these guys make so much money, having everyone yell how much you suck every day would be painful to the self esteem (unless you are Annie Duke – she’s fucking amazing!  No one would ever heckle her!)

Also, of note – free food if you are in a Legends seat.  This could really bring down the uber-high cost of the ticket if you are a competitive hot dog eater (although you have to go to the Legends Lounge to get the food, and the beers they bring to you are $15….a non-bargain.)

Micro-Verdict:  Did not suck.


3.  Micro Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

What's that on the floor?
What's that on the floor?

There’s not much to say about this one, you’ve read the reviews.  It kind of sucks, but not as bad as you’d think.  It also makes almost zero sense.  Hugh Jackman apparently did a little working out in advance of this one as he’s got some veins sticking out of his arms that I didn’t even realize existed.  Liev Schrieber and (gasp) Ryan Reynolds are good.  Tim Riggins from FNL plays a completely new character: mutant Tim Riggins, complete with authentic Tim Riggins accent.  

Besides several illogical plot points and character motivations, there are about ten too many mutants introduced.  Speaking of which, if they are going to introduce so many mutants in all these movies, why are they shying away from the baddest-assed mutant of all?  Where is Havok???  He’s Cyclops’ bro and can merely absorb ambient cosmic energy into the cells of his body, then transform and release it as waves of energy that heat the air in their path enough to turn it into plasma.  Translation: he blows a lot of shit up.  If I recall correctly, he once turned Wolverine into an adamantium skeleton, so there’s probably some Marvel backlash against him.  Or else his headgear is a little off-putting.  


 Black is pretty slimming
Classic all-black, plus a tiara


Micro-Verdict:  Sucked.


4.  Funyuns

Prominently featured in two recent episodes of Chilly17-endorsed Breaking Bad!  Finally, some well-deserved respect and national exposure.




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