Vegas Update

Vegas Update





Session #1 (1:45 AM – 5:00 AM)

The dice tables at Monte Carlo are shit brown – that’s not a good sign.  The chips feel like they are from a $3 home poker set.  Nice dealers though.  Pretty crappy early action – only started out with $400.  They are running a promo where after four hours of $25/hand action they give you $1200 in “promotional” chips.  These are pretty restricted and they give them to you in huge denominations (2 $500 chips, 2 $100 chips).  I’m gonna work with Jobu and turn these into ~$600 by making offsetting bets in roulette (they are only worth $600 as they go away after your wager, win or lose).

Apparently, Monte Carlo has a looser definition of “suite” – they feel if there’s a couch, then it’s a suite.  No minibar either.  Ghhhhheeeeeettttttoooooo….

After battling for three hours, I went to bed with $800 in profits.  Hard-earned, yet strangely unsatisfying.


Session #2 (5:35 AM – 6:15 AM)

I am like a combination of Babe Ruth and Nostradamus.  I was the only one at the table, and for a period wagered against myself with startling accuracy.  Then, sensing a shift in the force, I bet that I would start rolling lots of non-seven numbers….at the end of the 15 minute roll, I had some of the largest wagers I’ve made in craps, a $400 nine (after rolling 7 consecutive fives or nines and increasing my wagers accordingly each time)…

After calling my shots like the Babe, I ended up $2, 480 to the good.  Solid return on $300 stake in 40 minutes.  If I can annualize this return somehow, I will be the richest lame blogger in the world.

Yeah, it’s 9:30 and I’m heading to the pool.  That’s how I roll – pun intended.



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