Atlantis Semi-Live Blog: 7:00 PM

Atlantis Semi-Live Blog: 7:00 PM

Greetings from one of my favorite places on earth.  Great flight, zero turbulence.  Green limo to The Cove.  No issues – at the pool by noon.  Raining.  Decided to play some dice.  Losing.  Losing.  Losing.  Losing.  Losing.  Losing.  What start as a quick sesh escalated to taking out 4 markers before our friends even arrived!!! Yeeiiiikes….What is a marker, you might ask (if you are not a degenerate asshole)?  It’s a friendly loan from the casino.  I was down $2300 after like 45 minutes.

It was looking pretty bleak and I wasn’t even drunk enough to say at least I had some drinks (I was drinking vodka sodas with lime to start to nurture my girlish figure)…..and I was also playing outdoor craps at a half-size table by myself….then I went on a patented Chilly17 mini-run…including rolling five 5s in a row (which is essentially like getting 5 blackjacks in a row, and I was aggressively increasing my bet each time)….and made $2273 on my roll….so i lost $27 in that first session – but I had 2 drinks!  They are like $38 at The Cove so let’s book that as a win….

Little lazy river session, some chicken fingers to get pre-wired for the Nobu to come….Live vicariously, ya’ll….



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