Atlantis: The Massacre

Atlantis: The Massacre

I did not lose everything over the weekend (+ Monday) – I still have: a complimentary copy of the weekend USA Today, an international-sized bag of Funyuns, and a firm belief that a worldwide cabal of casino cashiers is involved in a conspiracy targeting only me.  I was also able to keep my streak alive of acting my age and doing things in moderation – the dealers even lit up with laughter when they saw me the next day!  It’s nice to be able to brighten people’s days just by acting maturely and being a great guy.

Very fun trip, overall.  Did roughly 320 laps on the lazy river.  The Cove’s DJ is phenomenal –  “Blame It” is a mega hit at the pool.  People tend to personalize the lyrics to fit their needs (“Blame it on the ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hard four”).  Ironically, the only member of our group who won money (unless Xmas had a big comeback that I don’t know about) was RB, who wasn’t gambling.  She got a little dough in the game during the only (two minute) hot streak of the trip, won $500 and cashed out.  Smart.

One solid thing about the trip is that I finally finished my tidal charts for the lazy river, which is nice.  No more getting stuck in eddies for me.  We also brilliantly changed our entry point to the wave machine area (a little further walk, but worth it); this gives some flexibility if you want to hop off at the next exit and go back to the wave machine.  The highlight of the trip for me was destroying a full-bodied male coming out of one of the bigger waves.  You’ll see a lot of 40 pound little kids get flipped in the right situation, but it takes some special physics to spill a 250 pound dude.

Enough vacation – it’s time to get back to “work”


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