What Just Happened Wednesday?

What Just Happened Wednesday?

(Editor’s Note: Clearly I meant I might have something ready by Friday.  Not done yet due to some unforeseen circumstances.)


This is gonna be brief, because I’m working on something a little bit longer.  Well, that’s kind of a lie, I haven’t actually started yet, but I’m going to start it right after I finish this micro-post.  Finally caught up on Breaking Bad last night; we were planning to watch 2-3 of the five eps we had left and ended up cranking them all out.  Of course, we ended up drinking every available drop of alcohol in the house (leading to some very untasty diet red bull and dark rums).  “Moderation in all things, including moderation.”  Somebody said that once.

Anyway, Breaking Bad was pretty great, as usual.  It’s not really that fun to watch as the boys continually get themselves in thorny situations, you kind of squirm through it.  I won’t spoilerize anything, but Walt’s prognosis gets slightly more optimistic and he is really torn between feelings of guilt for becoming what he’s become (a meth dealer, to help his family) and the internal satisfaction he feels for finally stepping up in life and not getting pushed around by everyone.  You can also very much feel his love/hate relationship with his wife and kids now – because he feels they (inadvertently) forced him down this path while simultaneously preventing him from fully embracing it.  Good stuff.  The end?  Not so good stuff.  We simultaneously said “what?” at the conclusion of the season finale, and not in a “that was awesome and plausible” way.  

This is over a year old, and you’ve probably all seen it – I was probably traveling the globe working on some hypothetical leveraged recap when this hit the web.  But it’s pretty fucking incredible and, as if more proof was needed, shows how awesome dogs are.  Please note that cats continue to suck ass and not be awesome.


Back with more tomorrow,


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