I’m Lazy

I’m Lazy

I’ve been storyboarding a new post in my head for the last three days….unfortunately my enthusiasm for that topic has waned a bit, so I can’t put my fingers on the keys and translate said thoughts into readable words….also I’ve had a substantial number of cocktails for three consecutive days and feel a little like I did on the third day of spring break (Daytona Beach, 1994) – a little worn out from all the commotion and wondering where my toothbrush is.  So I have nothing new to offer today.  (Plus it’s options expiration day!  I love options expiration day!  I’ve got to unwind some shit, but before I do that I have to have some food that can only be described with seismic adjectives.)

I will offer one (extremely common) thought: Brett Favre, you are ruining the reputation of silver foxes around the world – hang it up already!  I cannot believe the Vikings thought it a smart move to sign Favre, he’s been washed up for years.  Rosenfels will be starting by mid-season, mark my words.  (Plus, his name is fucking Sage – that gives the team extra confidence from the get-go, he’s a fucking sage.  People should start naming their kids Smart, Wisdom, Awesome, get them started off on the right track)  Favre should have quit right after his pivotal role in There’s Something About Mary, the pinnacle of his career.  I think there’s a decent chance he’s executed at Green Bay, so maybe that’ll be entertaining.

Parting gift as I head to T-Bell:

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