Rolling Missouri-Style

Rolling Missouri-Style

So much for 2 – 3 posts this week…if I’d left it at 2 I’d have been fine…we are back down south for a family event, heading to Branson, MO….official slogan: “Branson: Like Vegas, but without the gambling, drinking or debauchery”

Since I couldn’t fire up a third substantive post, I offer instead this photo of a cheetah playing a tree.  (And, yes, all these animal pictures we took ourselves on safari.  And that Gristedes email was for real, I just changed dude’s name.  It would’ve been weird if really was named Joe Grocery.  Some people are not quick to pick up on clever pseudonyms.)

A rare burst of activity for a cat
A rare burst of activity for a cat

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2 thoughts on “Rolling Missouri-Style

  1. Chilly

    quit bitching and get the f%ck back to work here… marvell purchased by Disney and “BJ Services” has been acquired? what is wrong with you… comment… comment… provide us with your wisdom

  2. You are quite the banker, DS1#, how about a little attention to detail??? Marvell is either a semiconductor company or a ice cream cake company (i get them confused)….Disney bought Marvel Entertainment – you are Canadian so are likely only familiar with Wolverine and Alpha Flight (featuring the first ghey superhero! Coincidence he’s Canadian? Unlikely)…largely cash deal 25% premium, but possibly real synergies with what Marvel studios has in the pipeline. I like and am looking at some DIS for the long-term.

    BJ Services? Sounds like a Canadian company.

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