I’m On A Bus

I’m On A Bus

You know you have reached the pinnacle of a fantastic life when you are on a Greyhound bus, sober, at 10:30 PM on a Wednesday night, headed to AC.  To further heighten this fantastic experience, you obviously would smuggle in some Yellow Tail via Diet Coke with Lime bottles (smuggling via Poland Springs’ bottles has been proven extremely unlucky).  Reflecting your important station in life, your fellow travelers would part like the proverbial Red Sea, allowing you and your SO to regally relax in the choicest seating, mere inches from the rest room with the blue water.

Fuck Borgata – welcome to Harrah’s.

(Update:  Down $500, but feel a heater coming on).

So much for a real post – there’s always next week!  Enjoy some Labor Day, and – if you’re Canadian – don’t forget to put those white jean shorts away for winter…


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