Top 10 Names for Fictional Morning Radio Shows

Top 10 Names for Fictional Morning Radio Shows

Have you ever been writing a screenplay, short story, video game cut scene or letter to Penthouse Forums, only to be thwarted trying to come up with a plausible name for a morning radio show?  Of course you have.  Most writers default to “The Morning Zoo” but know they have failed to truly create a vibrant world for their reader to inhabit.

Behold: I offer to the public domain, the following suggestions:

Top 10 Names for Fictional Morning Radio Shows

1.  Morning Woodwinds, with Chad E. Various and the Lady

2.   Wakey, Wakey Time, featuring Neal Lomax and Susan “DD” Anthony

3.  The AM Fiesta, with Mango Suave and the Blister

4.  Drivetime Lifeline, featuring Dan Sisco and Suzy B

5.  Angry Hungover Sports Fans in the Morning, with Dr. Grieco and The Geek

6.  The Water Cooler, with Holly the Hammer and Lumbergh

7.  The Morning After, with Vincent Vegas and The Puppet

8.  The Pop Tart Hour, with Paris Lohan and Natasha Lyonne

9.  Toast & Jams, with Luthor White and James “Earl” Bones

10.  The Early Gates, with Howard Q. Miller and Rebecca Smithson

It’s kind of weird being back in NYC where it is pretty dead; in America’s heartland school has already started and everyone’s returned to the grind.  I am about to shift this award-winning, widely-read website into another gear – soon…when I get around to it….maybe next week when people are back to work around here….contemplating a late night AC run – AND I”M SOBER.  The SO is in on this idea, we’ll see if it pans out, would like to hit the pool for a bit over the next few days and unfortunately our apartment doesn’t have one (although the constantly-running shower kind of evokes a fountain).

I’m hoping to get off my ass and write a real post by Friday, but anway all you fuckers enjoy your last few days before THE GRIND returns…



4 thoughts on “Top 10 Names for Fictional Morning Radio Shows

  1. Chilly, I think that you are living up to your wasted potential. You’ve got a ton a creativty and I really enjoy reading the blog. I really wish that you would focus some of your creative energy on turning some of this creativity into a revenue stream. I’m most likely going to get fired for spending so much time reading this blog and I’m going to need a job :). Note that girls gone wild and Mr. Skin have already locked up two ideas that would have been perfect for you, but there has got to be more good ones out there.

  2. One possible monetization opportunity is selling ghey comments like this to rawhides and the chelsea men’s choir. Please go back to describing your sexual activities with my mom. thx.

    P.S. As long as there is jizz to be mopped, there will always be employment doors open to you.

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