Top Awkward Moment of the Weekend + Inglorious Basterds

Top Awkward Moment of the Weekend + Inglorious Basterds

(Editor’s Note: Damn, I just realized this never got posted over a week ago.  Stupid computers.  Clearly not human error.  Anyhoo, for those wondering how the AC trip went, I lost some dough, SO won more dough than I lost and Harrah’s is far superior to Borgata.  Sure, the average age of a Harrah’s gambler/swimming pool attendee is 77, but at least they don’t have to hose off the Axe Body Spray slicks every two hours.  An honest-to-goodness new post is coming in a couple of hours.)

There were several nominees, but I have to give top honors here to my dad.  “Gregarious” doesn’t really describe his approach to dealing with strangers.  What adjective conveys “if we make eye contact, I’m initiating a conversation, no matter how much you try to avoid it”?  Branson, MO is a pretty fun place, particularly if you enjoy not drinking or gambling.  There are a lot of tour groups hanging out in Branson, seeing the shows, enjoying the sights.  One such group was from Arkansas, and they were all wearing shirts that identified them as being part of the group from Okiefanokee or wherever.

Exiting the riverboat show, my dad sees one of the group and slaps the back of the (obviously developmentally disabled) young man and says “You’re from Okiefanokee?  Shoot, I been there a dozen times myself.”  The poor guy recoiled in horror and immediately turned around in a crouch to escape the lunatic.  My dad kept trying to further the conversation until I had to literally drag him away by his shirtsleeve.  If you don’t think you will eventually switch places with your parents, you are wrong.  (Dad also asked the very flexible singer/dancer if she was double jointed and ate food from an anniversary party in the lobby of our hotel (while wearing a swimwuit and hooded sweatshirt).  So he had multiple entries in the awkward competition)

Also, we saw Inglorious Basterds.  Not with my family though – my mom was offended by the violence in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  Seriously.  Anyhoo, here’s my text message review:

Ngloreus ‘terds: looks, sounds, villain great.  Plot?  Holey.  Basterds?  Almost cameos, who r they?  Drags n spots.  Entertaining, but leaves u wanting more.

See ya’ll later,


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