My Early Take On The New TV Season

My Early Take On The New TV Season

The fall television season is now in full swing, and after thankfully getting back into the drinking/tv watching zone following my period of being a good family member, I’m here to offer some guidance to you good souls who have too much work to do to sort through everything yourselves. (/run-on sentence)


Robarney - get it?  I put them together like Bennifer.  Awesome.
Robarney - get it? I put them together like Bennifer. Awesome.

How I Met Your Mother – Maintains the hilarity even while introducing Robarney as a couple.  As pointed out somewhere else, Ted is devolving a little bit into a straight-up Ross impersonation, which is lame.  Or ghey.  I predict that he pulls out of it.  The other members of the ensemble continue to bring it.  Rating: Strong Buy.

Gossip Girl – I really love what they are doing with the Chuck/Blair storyli – I do not watch GG.  Rating: Not covered.

Heroes – Season 2 sits on our DVR, unwatched, perilously close to being deleted.  I need to hear proof that they’ve unfucked themselves before I get back into it.  Rating: Hold (Speculative).


Crunches should do the trick.  Couple dozen sets.
Crunches should do the trick. Couple dozen sets.

The Biggest Loser – Haven’t really watched it yet, but the contestants don’t look as fat at a glance, so might not be that great.  Rating: Hold.

(Not a lot of tv watching on Tuesday, just wait til you see Thursday though.  And this isn’t all inclusive)


We get it - still hot!  Got it
Consider your point made, ABC.

Cougar Town – Would have been a much better vehicle if they just had Courtney Cox walk around in her underwear for thirty minutes.  The weaker than weak sauce storyline doesn’t provide the appropriate framework for her walking around in her underwear for only 12 minutes.  (We get it, CC is still hot.  I’m pretty certain that, even devoid of fame and riches, she could still score plenty of dudes of whatever age group).  Rating: Strong Sell.

Modern Family – My favorite new show so far.  I’m a sucker for people being randomly shot with BB guns though, it was funny in A Christmas Story and it’s funny now.  Plot in a nutshell: Arrested Development-esque look at a family consisting of a dad with a majorly hot and much younger new wife and (sensitive) step kid, and his two kids: a daughter with a husband and several kids and a gay son with a newly adopted Vietnamese kid.  Hilarity ensues.  Rating: Strong Buy.

The New Adventures of Old Christine – JLD continues to bring the funny and I love the supporting cast.  It’s fascinating to me that JLD’s dad is a French billionaire – he must be pretty cool to tolerate the humiliation JLD certainly suffered climbing the comedic ladder.  Rating: Buy.


I predict a little misty-eyedness, even though this isn't real life and Jenna really recently got divorced
I predict a little misty-eyedness, even though th is fiction and in real life Jenna recently got a divorce

The Office – The writers have done a good job so far integrating the Jam relationship, hopefully this week’s wedding won’t signify a shift in this trend.  Continues to be a bright spot and somewhat reflective (if through a funhouse mirror) of what office life is like.  Rating: Strong Buy.

Parks & Recreation – Jury is still out on this one for me.  I like Amy Poehler but not sold on the Leslie Nope character.  I do think the Indian guy is pretty funny, and Rashida Jones is always a plus.  Storylines have been pretty weak.  Doesn’t capture the essence of small town beaurocracy the way The Office captures the feeling of working way-too-closely with some oddballs.  Rating: Hold (Speculative).

Community – It’s well documented on this site that I am a huge Joel McHale fan.  I love The Soup and think the dude is funny as shit.  However, I’m not digging this show as much as I’d originally hoped.  JM can bring the smarm/jerkiness just fine, but I’m yet to buy the whole concept: JM, a successful attorney, has to go to a community college to get his degree since he lied about having one.  His study group, consisting of the normal mix of hot chicks, nerdy chicks, eccentric old dudes, and hilarious Indian dudes (what is up with all the hilarious Indian dudes this year?) will help him graduate and also, in a very special episode, learn something about himself.  I think it will come together, but hasn’t so far.  It is pretty funny though seeing McHale channel a young Chevy Chase, alongside tha actual old Chevy Chase.  Rating: Buy (Speculative).

Grey’s Anatomy – Hork-hork-hork-hork.  (Sound of cat vomiting)  Rating: Retardedly Strong Sell.

Flash Forward – My first ever viewing of an ABC drama.  It might get there, but I wasn’t overwhelmed off the bat.  The pilot wasn’t nearly as compelling as (this is now hard to say) the Heroes pilot two years ago.  I’m a little concerned that the main character is so concerned about his wife potentially cheating when it appears the apocalypse is right around the corner.  And why is John Cho’s character named Demetri?  Isn’t he Korean?  Rating: Hold.


I don’t fucking watch TV on Friday – I’m 40 not 83.


See above, it’s fucking Saturday.


You gotta get up in that ass, Larry.
Birds of a feather

Curb Your Enthusiasm – LD remains a genius.  Leon Black might be the funniest character on television.  I’m sure the Seinfeld reunion will be well done, but just the average episode of this show is better than 99% of other programs.  Rating: Strong Buy.  HBO does a great job, except for…

Entourage – WTF happened to this show?  This season has been painful to watch.  I know that the shooting schedule forces some dated references, but I’ve seen Wings re-runs that are more current than some of the stuff here.  Drama, once the best character, has become too much of a caricature.  I realize the show is about the entourage, not Vince, but E’s storylines are boring unless he’s dealing with Ari.  Ari’s shtick is wearing thin.  I like the evolution of Lloyd and Turtle, but those are tertiary storylines that can’t sustain the show.  Rating: Sell.

On a non-related note, there’s a great read on the Marc Dreier saga in Vanity Fair.  If you haven’t read it or any of the many Madoff pieces in VF, I highly recommend them.  Some chilling stuff in there re: BM.  Carve out some time though, a couple of hours of good reading material there.


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