Yes, He’s Back. Back Again…

Yes, He’s Back. Back Again…

Finally back in NYC after three consecutive weekends on the road.  Even for a layabout, that’s a lot of vacation – particularly when you’ve maintained a horrific “no, I don’t have swine flu but thanks for asking” cough for the duration of the visit.  My cough sounds like I’m conjuring Beelzebub and has caused dry heaving in bystanders unlucky enough to be within earshot…at least I’ve got COBRA, I believe that means if I get to the point of vomiting blood or vital organs, some health care provider somewhere will be obligated to give me a Claritin.

So what did I learn during my travels?  Not much, really.

  • It’s pretty shocking that Navy football is 2-1 in the last three weeks after playing Wake Forest, Temple and Notre Dame.  The one loss?  Temple.  Wow.  And they are going to something like the California Bowl, which is unintuitively in Houston.  Maybe I’ve got the name wrong, way too early to be fact-checking.
  • Mexico was awesome, as I might have mentioned.  Stayed in what was then the nicest room I’d ever stayed in (even counting the Ritzes and 4 Seasonses of business travel).  Has subsequently been replaced by the computer loft at HOTEL 32 in LV.  Short stay at the top, but I highly recommend checking out hotels in Playa Mujeres if you are gonna be in the Cancun area and want to get away from the raucous hotel zone scene for a bit.
  • Had a blast in Vegas, but the dice did not fall with the same delightfullness they did during my last visit.  Actually kept things somewhat in check (despite the presence of some ne’er-do-wells from the city) – never stayed out past 1:30 AM, got reasonable sleep, even went to a show.  Whoever the creative director is for Cirque du Soleil, hats off to your crazy ass.  We had some steaks and, most importantly, a lot of Rubio’s – I owe your hot salsa an apology for omission from a prominent spot on this list.  Still lost my ass, but at least I got a complimentary Ipod Nano.  (Napster, you should be worried, this could cause that $15 monthly annuity to go bye-bye)

I will finish this post later, just wanted to get something started so that I don’t just blow it off…I’ve got to be somewhere early.  Where?


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