Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule

The posting schedule will be a little erratic over the holidays….something will happen, but not sure when….coming back strong for the new year though, that’s fo sho….gonna be in Tunica, MS for a day or two and some old school homies are gonna try and make the trip….good times in the offing…

Tunica Update #1 – Played craps for about an hour, up $1600.  Passed on the alcohol given significant consumption  the previous four days – seems there’s a high correlation between drinking and fun/yelling.  My boy JG is getting in later tonight, should be good times, will try not to lose it all before he gets here (but family obligations should hopefully help prevent that).

Christmas fact: I have not been in a retail store in December.  It’s the thought that counts, and I think everyone really prefers cash.

Tunica Update #2 –  Predictably, I started losing my ass on day two.  Even the arrival of JG and my dad manning up big time to stay awake past midnight didn’t aid my cause.  Then, at 4:15 AM, a college kid in a fleece sweater managed a sweet 45 minute roll, coincident with my pumping up my bets.  Made a fat stack.  I am done with casinos for 1 year and 1 week.  No casino gaming in 2010, so burned out.  SO thinks i’m not serious.  She is incorrect.  Good to have my last session be a fat upswing, I will enjoy the hiatus.

A banded stack of hundos is always a good thing
A banded stack of hundos is always a good thing

Happy Holidays,


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  1. what i didn’t show is the equally sized stack that i deposited directly with the mgm grand when in vegas last month….all in all, a tie – but a good time was had…

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