Just Married!

Just Married!

OMG, we finally decided to get hitched!!!!!  Such a spontaneous decision, ya’ll!!!

Full disclosure:  Okay, we did not get hitched and that is not us.  But a surprising number of people roam around Disney wearing this gear.  (Although, I must admit the plain tophat mouse ears is much more pimp than the tuxedo-midriff mouse ears.)

Going to Disney was a major item on the ole bucket list – many people thought I wasn’t man enough to make it through the teacups.  Teacups were no big deal, and I even stood face-to-face with a bear at Pooh’s World.  My insomnia even paid off as we were among the first fuckers on-site; we rocked Space Mountain and Pirates of The Amazingly Large Gift Shop with a zero minute wait.

Couple of huge downsides to Orlando trip so far:

1.  I’m pretty sure we encountered the next Caylee/Casey situation.  Very disinterested mom wearing requisite pink sweatsuit, outwardly adorable little girl wearing pink outfit and pink mouse ears.  Then little girl threw fit and told her mom “I want to kill you” at least twice.  Mom is about to go haywire and then reels it in upon realizing she was in the massive Peter Pan line.  Wild card: this might be a “there’s something wrong with Esther (Sophie)” situation – kid had some creepy eyes.  Uncomfortable.  Also, that fucking Peter Pan line was 45 minutes long, while the ride itself was 45 seconds long.  After that, a few more “I want to kill you”s were heard as the throng departed.  (No more than twice by me)

2.  SeaWorld is not a barrel of laughs right now, we were gonna hit them up, too.  Feel horrible for the trainer and her family, obvs, but seems like they should let Tilly fend for himself in some ocean after being involved (at least tangentially) in three deaths.  I don’t think they should even breed him anymore, seems like a bad seed.  Could be a “there’s something wrong with Esther (Tilly)” situation.

Bonus small downside: It’s pretty frickin cold.  Our hotel has a lazy river, and I haven’t even taken a practice lap to chart out the basic tides/currents.  Dammit.


2 thoughts on “Just Married!

  1. Note the Tilly is a killer whale. Killer whales eat seals, sea lions, and walruses. Trainers at SeaWorld dress in wet suits. People in wet suits look like: seals, sea lions, and walruses.

    Maybe Tilly was hungry or maybe he was just having a bad day. Either way, its hard to blame the Orca. Give Tilly credit, he spit her out when he realized that she wasn’t food.

  2. T-Woww – Did you just go Chris Rock on me? “That whale didn’t go crazy, that whale went whale!”

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