How To Recover From A Hangover

How To Recover From A Hangover

People often ask me, “Chilly, you’re pretty old and you seem to drink a ton of booze – how the hell do you deal with the hangovers???”  The answer is a complicated one.  Well, at least the second part is complicated.  The first part of dealing with a hangover is pretty easy.  Never having to be anywhere at a specific time eliminates a lot of hangover stress.  If you take care of that problem, you will find that hangovers are generally a modest imposition when you can start your day at 6:00 PM.

However, the actual physiological problem of feeling like dogshit after too much booze is something that even the unemployed must deal with.  Hangovers are as individualized as snowflakes, but I’ve come up with a methodology that generally allows me to handle the worst of what the drinking gods have to offer.  I’m not absolutely sure it’s transferable, but I will pass it along nonetheless.  If even one person benefits from my experience, than I can consider my work here a solid contribution to the greater good.

Hangover Recovery Flowchart v1.0






2 thoughts on “How To Recover From A Hangover

  1. Did you draw this in PowerPoint, chilly? Cuz it sucks real bad. Really, really bad. I’ll give you a pass if you say you were hungover when you drew this piece of shit, otherwise I can see why you’re no longer a big swingin I-banker like myself. Your PowerPoint skills “need some work”.

  2. What? That shit looks dope. Dope as hell. I used, that’s why it looks so awesome. Powerpoint would’ve been too easy.

    Did you guys get numbers today? What’s the word on the street?

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