Potential New Career Update

Potential New Career Update

2009 Commenter of the Year T-Diddy, recognizing that I’m a bad boy, raised a good question yesterday: what am I gonna do?  That jogged the memory that I have left you good people hanging on some potentials leads on jobs that I had late last year.  Shame on me for not keeping you in the loop.

You probably remember from this post that I have impossibly perfect feet.  Not long after that post hit the wires, I was contacted by no less than three foot model agents.  (It’s possible that two of them were just sexual deviants, but I’m pretty sure the third guy is legit – he has a gmail address and everything.)  I had to spend $500 on my first set of foot shots and then my agent was gonna show my portfolio around and start getting business.  I wasn’t foolish enough to hope for stuff like Asics or Birkenstocks (the holy grail for foot models) right off the bat, but thought maybe I could get some local Crocs work and move up the ladder.

So, six months passed and he hadn’t found anything for me.  By that time my portfolio was a little stale, so I had to drop another $500 on more foot shots.  It was gonna be worth it, of course, in the long run.  This time, though, he wanted some sole shots, too, just in case I chose to start a little further down the prestige scale, like maybe doing corn medicine bits.  The sole work did not go over so well – it turns out that running 102 miles per month (yeah, 102 – I give 102%) has not been good for my feet.  Apparently the blister-on-top-of-blister look is particularly unappealling, even for the producers of blister commercials.  And dry cracking skin on the heel is also frowned upon by the powers that be.

Problem areas highlighted

So the hunt continues.  And by “hunt” I mean “doing whatever the fuck I want.”

Tomorrow’s the NFL draft – get psyched,


Oh yeah:  While I’m responding to commentor questions, T-Nice, did you see J-Hey last night hitting a homer to tie the game with two outs in the bottom of the ninth?  What are the odds that he’s the unanimous Rookie of the Year in the NL?  98%?  99%?

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  1. Relax, Chilly – Heyward is almost as overrated as your feet. It’s April 21. I’ll bet you an Hermes baseball glove he’s hitting below .260 by July. I hope Johan drills him in the neck this weekend in Flushing.

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