Intermission and Pointz to Ponder

Intermission and Pointz to Ponder

Time to take a little break from the Sumass tales…the last five days have been a bit rough: I vowed to drink for 45 straight days following a brutal week of abstinence….only 40 days left.  Going to the Mets (who, by the way, suck) game tonight, so seems like six days is a given.  And, after giving it some thought, isn’t a year an arbitrary duration for a resolution?  What makes twelve months so special?  Seems like multiples of five make more sense, right?  So I’m celebrating the completion of my five month “no casino” resolution with a little trip to Atlantic City.  (Also, it’s hotter than a furnace around here, so the casino pools are quite the attraction.)  Borgata Water Club for the pool, gaming at Harrah’s.  The plan is robust and fool-proof.

Anyhoo, enjoyed some drinks with the like-minded (overly-educated, underly-employed) proprietor of (soon to be .com) the other day, and thought I’d offer my suggestions.

Chilly’s Thoughts on Quantifying Manliness

1.  Spending Christmas day at the craps tables at the Taj Mahal: 3 man pointz

2.  Having a bottle of Sriracha at home and a bottle of Sriracha at work:  2 man pointz (working should technically be -1 man pointz)

3.  Having whole bottles of white sauce and red sauce from the 53rd street halal cart in your fridge (possibly in violation of several health codes): 4 man pointz

4.  Eating for the cycle (hitting Chipotle, Taco Bell, a local taqueria (in Boston, for example, Anna’s), and making homemade burritos) in one day: 6 man pointz

5.  Voluntarily watching Grey’s Anatomy: -12 man pointz; cheering for the roaming gunman when you are forced to watch an episode of this idiotic show: 2 man pointz

6.  Having sex with one of the ladies from Mad Men: 32 man pointz (43 points for Trudy)

7.  Having a website address that nonsensically ends in ‘z’: 3 man pointz

8.  Having a writing/acting/directing/producing credit on any offering in the Barely Legal series: 4 man pointz

9.  Doing a wrap-around (12 hours) at a craps table, without the benefit of a restroom visit: 17 man pointz (note: this accomplishment will be rendered moot if my idea for a craps table with urinals built in ever takes off)

10.  Sneaking booze (other than gin or vodka) into an event or mode of transportation via Poland Springs bottle: 3 man pointz (4 pointz if Yellow Tail red wine)

I gots em

375 words?  Much more concise.



5 thoughts on “Intermission and Pointz to Ponder

  1. Yo chilly chilly – my mets, like your ass, are on fire right now. On fire!!!!!!!

    Philadelphia, in case I have not mentioned this before, is the filthiest, most disgusting city on the planet. Far worse than Calcutta, Sao Paulo, Guadalajara and Detroit. (the #2 through #5 most disgusting cities on the planet) Phuck the phillies and all their degenerate phans. Eat a dikk, Jayson Werth-less.

  2. I was at the game last night – keeping my streak of rain-delayed attendance at 8 games – a shutout sweep is pretty significant. However, a perusal of the standings reveals that the bravos are a step ahead of your boys, and as predicted on this very site, j-hey is dominant with an OPS of right around 1000.

    Also, philly is gross, but Werth is gonna make about $95 million, so life isn’t bad for him (except for the soul patch or whatnot)…one last thing – are you guys enjoying francoeur yet? The one thing that phillies and mets fans could agree on last night: heckling francoeur is hilarious.

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