The Gheyest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

The Gheyest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

It took me over a week to process this conversation; I had to do some historical research to confirm that this was in fact the gheyest thing I’d ever heard.  After reviewing transcripts of conversations regarding professional wrestling, man bracelets and porcelain doll collecting, I am confident that this ranks as number one.  (Or one number)

The Gheyest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Conversation Participants:

Anonymous Friend Who Hates Atlantic City and Never Goes Despite The Fact That Many of His Friends Go (AFWHACANGDTFTMOHFG)

Chilly17 (Chilly17)


AFWHACANGDTFTMOHFG:  “Hey, me and Helen (name changed to protect the less ghey member of this couple) are going to Atlantic City in July, do you want to come?”

Chilly17:  “Yeah, sure, maybe.”

AFWHACANGDTFTMOHFG:  “There’s a Food Network event that Helen wants to go to – I think Guy Fieri is gonna be there.”

Chilly17:  “(dumbfounded silence)”

If the only reason you want to go to Atlantic City is to catch a Food Network event with your girlfriend, you might want to cut back on the estrogen patches.  Atlantic City is pretty rough even when you’re hammered and gambling – I cannot fathom what it would be like going to some Food Network event, despite the fact that that chef dude is awesome and cool.

Will finish that sumass bizness next week, too hot today,


4 thoughts on “The Gheyest Thing I’ve Ever Heard

  1. Chilly, no live WWDC coverage? Thought you’d be all for promoting apple lately.

    (and AFWHACANGDTFTMOHFG cannot be pleased reading this and trying to think of ways he is not ghey)

  2. Trying to remain silent on Apple and not jinx a plummet below $230…actually that is one of my few trades this month that isn’t in the toilet…now, if there were just iPads to buy…I did make $50 Saturday when this dude told me he was gonna go buy an iPad and I told him that they’re sold out…so I’ve got that going for me.

    Hopefully AFWHACANGDTFTMOHFG realizes how ghey he is….he got even gheyyer over the weekend, it might be terminal now…

    So are you buying that new iPhone later this month? I’m pissed because tmobile has no good phones at the moment, my G1 is a little long in the tooth….apparently the Samsung Galaxy S will be a monster, but the last Samsung phone I had, I lost within one week…

  3. I offered to get him some jorts, but this particular fellow will only wear Guy Fieri brand Jorts, and they are quite expensive. So he’ll have to purchase on his own, hopefully in conjunction with a fieri dbag dye job.

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