Parting Shot

Parting Shot

As you may have noticed, I really haven’t been doing too much around here.  Summer doldrums or whatnot.  I’m going on a little vacay, a change of not-doing-much venue, if you will.  First stop, Tunica, for a family event (seeing a sister I haven’t seen in over twenty years for no real reason other than laziness and bizarre family feuds that don’t involve any showcase showdowns) and some SHOOTING DICE.  I have only been to the casinos once this year, which is pretty respectable for someone with a gambling problem.  Anyway, I will be updating twitter with my gambling exploits, you can just look at the thingee down and to the right to get a sense of what’s going on.

My parting gift is the video below – it’s breathtaking.  Apparently this girl is the daughter of some hedge fund billionaire and has put out a pop single in the spirit of Paris Hilton, etc.  This girl is so unattractive and untalented that she makes Khloe Kardashian look like a young Mariah Carey.  (Dealbreaker has been all over this, but I for some reason am a day or two late.)  It’s pretty unfathomable that somebody paid money to get this piece of shit made, and that this girl thinks she’s hot, because she is horrendous.  Even if you don’t click the video, look at the still below – she looks like the kid from Mask.  Even Gracie Belle (all three of them) project to look better than that at 18.  I don’t even think Flint would consider hitting that.

(Editor’s Note: Haha, she took that shitty assed video down.  Hopefully that is the end of her “career.”  Go spend dad’s money on some other shit and don’t subject us to more awful music and video imagery.  If I contributed in any way, then I can actually feel like I made a meaningful contribution to society.  If you are wondering how my gambling trip went, let me just tell you that I was giving $100 to basically anyone who high fived me from about 11:00 PM Saturday to 9:00 AM Sunday.  Yeah, I was still standing at the craps tables at 9:00 AM.  Yeah, I had some calf cramps that would send a lesser specimen to the hospital.  And, astonishingly, I didn’t lose it all.  Heading back next weekend, so will try not to get cocky – the craps gods do not appreciate cockiness.  But they do enjoy a good high five.)

Oh yeah, there’s still a friggin iPad to win, only halfway through the month.  Plenty of time left.



10 thoughts on “Parting Shot

  1. I’m officially declaring the Auto-Tune era over. It was a cool gimmick when T-Pain used it extensively, but now its ghey.
    Thanks to the the ass-clown from Exxon who invented the software. He should be forced to f*#k the chick in the video as punishment.

  2. I think jay-z beat you to it. Like 3 years ago. I almost thought you were going to overlook her horrendousness.

  3. Thanks, Chilly. I just listened to that Sarah Bernhard look-a-like on her MySpace page at work since the video you posted has been taken down.

    Makes me look real professional here listening to pseudo house music and staring at a girl with Colin Farrell eyebrows.

    Have a great vacation and good luck at the tables.

  4. Hey Chilly, what’s the chick’s name? I want to to see if I can find the video on Google or at least a picture of her.

  5. Emma Lasry, although she has since pulled the video down. There are plenty of pictures of her, but I don’t recommend looking directly at any of the images.

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