Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

I’m rewatching Twin Peaks, trying to recapture a bit of my faded youth.  Not sure it holds up as much as I expected it too, but still decent.  Watched the Emmys the other night – Christina, as great as you are, you might want to tone down the breastiness a tad.  Entourage is shockingly even worse than it was last year, painful to watch.  Ari and Don Draper have both lost their mojo in a big way.



9 thoughts on “Twin Peaks

  1. 2 Things:
    1 — Totally disagree on Entourage. Great this year. That said I agree with the “sportsguy” that the best way to keep up the franchise would be to keep Ari and have him hook up with another up and coming star (maybe sports star or something) and his hanger-on’s.

    2 — Christina is in bathwater category.

    I’m a couple seasons behind on Mad Men so I can’t comment.

  2. “Great?” Really? The Turtle storyline is beyond stupid, vince/sasha/drugs makes zero sense, scott caan is annoying as sh*t, ari lost his mojo and drama is pitiful rather than slightly amusing. Your television tastes are in question, Flint.

    I’ve mentioned this 300 times before, but i saw her and her husband in a liquor store one night and she looks at least 3x smaller in person….seems like an airbag went off somewhere…

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with this picture.

    Agree on first few episodes of Mad Men though. I think the Sopranos went through a lull in the third year or so, so this may be that year…speaking of which, that could make for a good post. Compare the Mad Men characters to the Sopranos. Beyond the obvious Don-Tony, Betty-Carmela matchups, what would the others be? Another one…Pete is Christopher, the young turk who always feels slighted by the old guard. Roger is Paulie, the old salt whose time is a little past??

  4. Two things: 1) I’ve never seen The Sopranos, much to the shock of everyone who learns this fact (particularly in light of my tv-watching pedigree); and 2) Don’t call Roger an old dog – that motherfucker is still running shit! (Plus, Jane.)

    Why don’t you write that comparison up, SteveIt, since you’ve now whetted everyone’s appetite?

  5. As a followup – I thought the last two episodes of MM were outstanding. Reminded me a little too much of the banking world, but a lot of the stuff rang true, especially the “open or closed?” door at the end. (That was a frequent bone of contention for my boss, the fact that I preferred to keep my door closed. Reduced the bonehead traffic a bit, so never fully understood why it was such a violation of hard charger etiquette.)

  6. Agree, MM is picking up steam finally, esp. most recent episode (although those scenes in the episode where it shows how Roger and Don meet – thought Hamm overacted a bit). Peggy is more like Don than he realizes. Will try to work on the comparison to Sopranos. Trying to figure out who Joan would be…

    BTW Chilly, shocked that you have not seen Sopranos….you need to watch. First season might be the best TV you could ever watch. Promising show coming out on HBO this fall too (Boardwalk Empire, led by Steve Buscemi). Looks like Sopranos in the 1920s.

    I don’t know how we filled the time when it was only 3 networks and no Internets….

  7. Yeah, Alan Sepinwall (TV critic whose link is on my blogroll) had a great review of the episode (although i tend to agree with you on the flashbacks). I might watch Boardwalk Empire, for two reasons: 1) Frickin Omar is in it, and 2) I spend a decent amount of time in AC. (So much that Harrah’s invited me out to watch the premiere in AC – I don’t think Scorsese will be there, but they will probably have some pasta or something. Would go, but we are hitting Aruba instead, wanted to see what the rainy season is like there.)

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