At A Crossroads

At A Crossroads

Labor Day is again in the rearview mirror and I must say it’s refreshing not to have to deal with the September “Let’s Book Some Revenues” flurry of activity for the second straight year.  Instead, I got to enjoy the US Open and even sat next to a lady filming Federer through her binoculars – that’s right, putting her camera lens up to her binoculars’ eyepiece.  Not quite funny enough for me to take a picture, but close.

Anyhoo, as you might be able to tell, I’m at a bit of a crossroads regarding the future direction of good WPz.  The iPad giveaway was not the runaway success I predicted; in fact, only two people put in a serious effort (and one of them, a loyal reader, intended to take some professional risk to spread the word – which we ultimately agreed was not for the best.)  So Ben from Australia has an iPad headed his way, delivered tomorrow in fact.  Congrats, Ben! Enjoy and let us know when you get it (also to help confirm that I didn’t just make that sh*t up.)

Overall traffic has been up a bit in the last couple months, some credit to the iPad contest and some to Twitter.   The site is now ranked like 6,121,027th by Alexa, up from like 12,252,393th a few months ago.  (Just to get a taste of the neighborhood I’m in, #6,121,026 is and #6,121,028 is  So I’m trying to figure out what direction to take from here.

Some possibilities:

1.  Close up shop (writing this stuff is a bigger time-sink ass-pain than you’d think).

2.  Change the nature of the blog a bit.  Like, establish a tighter theme or focus and find some other contributors to help carry the load.  Or, maybe try out some new career choices (carnie, teriyaki chef, etc.) and make the site a chronicle of those endeavors.  Or I might post my funny cat videos.

3.  Pron.  (I’ve already received overtures from a producer looking to establish Wasted Potentialz as the Barely Legal for overly educated ladies.)

4.  Keep on keepin on, just in a much more lazy fashion.  Not posting much in the last several weeks hasn’t really had the negative impact on traffic that I would’ve imagined.  I’m going on a little vacation next week, so I’ll hopefully have it all figured out by the time that’s over.  I’ll keep you posted.

For the five people out there who haven’t seen/heard this, here’s Cee Lo Green – better known as one half of Gnarles Barkley.  (I once shared a flight to London with Cee Lo and Danger Mouse, even got to tell them I enjoyed their music.  They seemed content to know that they’d pierced the highly coveted middle-aged white guy market.)  Language is obviously NSFW.



11 thoughts on “At A Crossroads

  1. That’s true, I considered adding that fact but didn’t want to scare the masses. This is a little stale, but what about that serial stabber in Flint? I think if I was going to start a string of racially-motivated attacks, I would put Flint, MI somewhere near the bottom of my list of places to start. Seems like luring someone toward your car is just as likely to get you stabbed in Flint. Glad they got that f*cker, that is some bullsh(t asking somebody for directions and then stabbing them.

  2. Sorry the contest didn’t go the way you thought. I’m sure Ben will be enjoying the hell out of the iPad.

    Take option 1 off the table. You had a good idea with the ‘would Flint Hit It” segment, maybe you can expound on that idea and lighten the literary load. Enjoy the upcoming vacation.

  3. I do believe that yours truly here gave you the idea to tweet. Where the hell is my ipad?!

    WPz video series (reality TV show?) would be awesome. I would definitely watch you over Snooki.

  4. You win something much better than an iPad: the chance to occasionally hang out with me in the brick and mortar realm. Priceless.

  5. It’s tough to get a new website off and running…nobody reads anymore. Maybe the video-based ideas have some merit.

    Having said that, I think you should have declared ME the winner of the iPad contest. While it’s true that I didn’t actually put any effort into it, like that one Ben guy, it’s equally true that I was willing to accept a box of delicious Big Kat candy bars in lieu of that high-dollar item.

    Don’t stop writing, chilly! Your site is SUCH an improvement over that sanctimonious jerkbag who wants to stop pet allergies.

  6. Sam – you might be in luck, the next giveaway is very likely to be a “describe your favorite variant of a top-selling candy bar” contest…seems like your Big Kat fever will give you a leg up on the competition….(unfortunately the prize will be left-over bite-sized Almond Joys from Halloween 2003)…

  7. NOW I’m excited… the way I figure it, there are no fewer than 47 bodegas in downtown San Antonio that will buy those ancient Almond Joys from me, just so they have something made this decade to put on their shelves.

    Seriously, though, I think I could potentially contribute if there were sections or topical areas on the site (pursuant to possibility #2 in the post). Have you given any thought to what sorts of focused material you’d like to explore?

  8. I would go with Option 2. I’ll contribute occasionally if there’s anything newsworthy. I’m heading to the Great American Beer Festival for the weekend with a guy from Kentucky and then off to Napa for a week of ‘business’. If I can remember anything, surely there will be something to write about.

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