Fostering International Relations

Fostering International Relations

Given the delicate nature of the Australian/US political relationship, perhaps this iPad can be seen as a bit of an olive branch, as well as a contest prize?  I will have to examine the tax deductibility of olive branches…congrats, Ben, enjoy the iPad!

One quick thing as I continue to enjoy my hiatus: if there is anything worse than rigorously following your NFL team’s offseason, getting overly optimistic/fired up, heading to a local bar to watch the first game, and then seeing them get the sh*t kicked out of them by the (terrible) Seahawks, I don’t know what it is.  Brutal.  Really looking forward to next week’s game against New Orleans, should be a debacle.



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  1. Props to Ben, though I’m pretty sure that iPad doesn’t contain ANY crispy wafers, and it looks like it hardly has any chocolate coating whatsoever. You got shafted, Bennie boy.

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