I’m Not Dead

I’m Not Dead

I completed a rather lengthy post last night, but it turns out that it sucks.  So I’m gonna revise that bitch a bit.  Not gonna finish today, what with the options expiring and all.  Also have a session with the doctor to figure out why my “abs” hurt when running, and at no other times.

Some quick hitters before I go:

  • Fans of shitty NFL franchises, I feel you.  I never really understood before, but now, i get it.
  • Although Army sucks, they had a lot more energy than Navy last weekend, that 99 yard fumble return was a back-breaker (but gamblers had to be on the edge of their seats at the end because it looked for sure like a garbage-time cover)
  • Don’t believe the hype on a cheesesteak inside a pretzel, you will be disappointed (and slightly nauseous)
  • If you ever see Brian O’Halloran of Kevin Smith movie fame hanging around in a casino, I highly recommend yelling “Dante!” about 33 times, at random intervals.  He does not seem to enjoy that
  • JP Morgan employees, Ben from Australia, and other iPad owners: lots of EA games for the iPad on sale for $0.99 right now, including Madden, a new Need for Speed, and some other stuff
  • One of my high school buddies just bought a ’66 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham and is coming to NYC to pick it up – I’m pumped to ride in a car that actually has tray tables in the back
  • Randomly staying up until 5:30 AM to finish the Yellow Tail jug, then sleeping a good chunk of the day, then ordering Domino’s late that night is not a great way to conduct yourself in your twilight years.  Probably why I’m headed to the damn doctor

Happy weekend,


8 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead

  1. If you’re up at 5:30a finishing the YT, you must have gotten a late start. I bet the game (there was nothing else on that day) and almost had a heart attack…

  2. We hung around purely to see if they’d cover, the only real excitement in the game after the long fumble return.

    Headed to the horse races for the first time in my life, excited about the prospects of adding a new vice! Heard it mixes well with drinking, so seems like a great fit.

    Happy new year, fuckers!

  3. The title of the post pretty should pretty explicitly spell out the state of my aliveness. Unfortunately, I am a little not above the weather, and I have a general dread of revisiting the post that I wrote three weeks ago that needs major revisions. Ergo, I’m sitting here drinking a 44 ounce Diet Coke and watching the orange bowl.

  4. What do you think about UofM firing Rich Rod? I hear that they may hire a retarded chimpanzee as a coach upgrade – Go Blew!

  5. They are kind of fucking things up for the Niners with their interest in Harbaugh…although, frankly, I’m not convinced another first-time NFL head coach is the solution…i will get back to posting after I stop coughing up shit that resembles green play-doh. fucking airports, with all the germs and such…

  6. I’m pretty sure the existence of Teen Mom is what’s causing all those fucking birds to die. (10 miles from where i grew up, no less – Central Arkansas finally finding its wheelhouse: mysterious wildlife deaths!)

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