Historical Figures I’d Like To Hang Out With: William Moulton Marston

Historical Figures I’d Like To Hang Out With: William Moulton Marston

Everybody aspires to be a slash, to some extent (as alluded to in my non-award-winning piece Things Everybody Thinks They’d Be Great At).  A slash, as in Kordell Stewart (once a returner/receiver/quarterback; now a commentator/(alleged) alternative lifestyle enthusiast /site of an unholy-looking-neck-bump convention) – ie somebody who is good at quite a few different things.  The Chillster, for example, aspires to be a trogger/pundit/yellowtail connoisseur/Carly Foulkes historian.  (Wow, I cannot believe I spelled ‘connoisseur’ correctly on the first try (although, the second time, I looked back to make sure I didn’t fuck it up.)

So what does any of this have to do with the Amazing Amazon, depicted above?  How about this slash line: Wonder Woman creator/inventor of lie detector test/guy who lived with his wife and his mistress simultaneously/big-time psychologist?  Fuck that Dos Equis or Captain Morgan guy or whoever, this dude had a legitimate claim on “Most Interesting Man in The World” status back in the day.  He had me at “the guy who created Wonder Woman also had a polygamous household setup.”  And who didn’t dream of inventing a super hero when they were growing up?  (The Silver Ghost, created by me at age nine on Halloween, never caught on, even with the creative use of flour to create the necessary “silver” hairstyle.  In an unfunny twist, God or whatnot thought it would be hilarious to outfit me as the real-life non-hero The Silver Fox.)  I digress – my man created fucking Wonder Woman and had two chicks fighting to make him an omelet.  Respect.

Marston’s creations have had a significant impact on pop culture – Wonder Woman is being revived for the fall television season as we speak (perhaps a certain T-Mobile spokeswoman is up for the gig?)  Wonder Woman aside: one of my companymates invited Lynda Carter to the ring dance – I didn’t see her there so I believe she declined (she was also probably 30 years older than this kid; I think he also later came up short on borrowing Ross Perot’s summer home for his honeymoon.)  Lie detectors are a staple in movies and tv – who can forget the seminal Seinfeld where Jerry’s Melrose Place integrity was tested?  Strong work, Mr. Marston – I would happily share some burritos and Yellow Tail with you in the afterlife.  Or, if like there was a non-zombie deceased people renaissance and you aren’t busy hooking up with your lady friends.  (Unfortunately, WMM died just a few years after creating WW at age 48ish; his wife and mistress apparently still lived together for another 40+ years after his death.  Interesting.)

I kind of get why the ladies were so down with some WMM

Lots going on around here, project-wise.  SO is (allegedly) about to launch her own website (she won’t be commenting on the ugliness of any TV babies, so there’s not gonna be much cannibalization.)  My investment fund thingee is almost ready to go (everything has taken about 18x longer than I expected.)  I’m going to try and put more stuff on here, but most likely shorter bizness.

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