I’m Back Like Billy Squier

I’m Back Like Billy Squier

I swear I’ve heard Billy Squier in two different film trailers this week.  I could be wrong, but I thought one was Take Me Home Tonight, the Topher Grace retro-comedy that looks like a steaming pile.  Note to the movie industry: Hot Tub Time Machine proved that it takes more than nudity+80s songs+unsung TV heroes (Chris Pratt here, Craig Robinson there) to score decent box office.  For your benefit (and to my detriment), I sat through like three versions of that trailer and got no Squier.  I did get lines like “I work at Goldman Sachs” and guys singing along to “Straight Outta Compton” in a movie set in 1988.  Not exactly Mad Men-esque historical accuracy: Lehman was probably a bigger power broker than GS in the 80’s and since Straight Outta Compton, the album, didn’t drop until late summer 1988, I doubt suburban kids had the lyrics memorized anytime before March, 1995.   I guarantee there is some Squier in there though somewhere though, my ears doth not deceive.  Welcome back, Billy, you’ve been missed (and your whole catalog is underrated, imho.  Even if MTV did spell your name wrong in the “The Stroke” video below.  Andy Warhol did one of your album covers for Christ’s sake!  You shouldn’t be playing the Oklahoma State Fair.)

I am back in the same sense, you get to hear a snippet from me and then back to the ether.  Options expiring today and I’ve got so many short calls that are in the money that I don’t know how the fuck I’m gonna close all that shit before 4:00 PM.  But, as you may have noticed (Flint), I purchased a little more web space to host a couple other endeavors I’m working on, so had to switch servers.  So the WMM post disappeared for awhile (thanks Google cache!) but it’s all good now.

So things are working their way back to normal, most of the legal bullshit is in place for one venture and a couple other things are on some burners.  The consumption of a pretzel the other day made me ponder some “Ten Worst” lists.  Seriously, has anyone ever enjoyed a fucking pretzel?  Even those expensive warm ones are ultimately a huge disappointment.  Back to the grizind of looking at columns of numbers, perhaps next week I’ll be back to composing columns of words.



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