It’s Friday

It’s Friday



If you often find yourself debating the merits of sitting in the front or the back of a packed convertible, or just like to talk about the order of the days of the week, this song is for you.  Also, it’s Friday and you should be partying.

As most everyone has likely already seen/heard Rebecca Black’s substantial contribution to the music video medium,  I might as well add The Situation’s attempt at “humor” at the Donald Trump Roast here too.  I’m kind of shocked they write their own material; Mike’s probably not replacing Bruce Vilanch any time soon.







P.S. 10-3 start to my bracketz and the colloidal silver is helping me get over on the eye fungus.  Now if Apple can just hold $335 tomorrow, I might not have to sell a kidney and I might even be able to finish the more robust post I started that is now just sitting there, staring at me.

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