Revealed: Titles of the Other Seven Dragon Tattoo Books

Revealed: Titles of the Other Seven Dragon Tattoo Books


Somewhat interesting excerpt in Vanity Fair of the new book by Stieg Larsson’s “widow.”  Actually, it wasn’t all that illuminating, but I feel bad for her for basically getting shut out of the posthumous windfall from the (vastly overrated) Millennium trilogy.  I saw a trailer for this the other day before X-Men:First Class (an excellent movie, by the way, Fassbender is awesome) and I had no idea it was even for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Apparently their marketing strategy is to keep Lizbeth’s character under wraps a la the shark in Jaws (except for the nipple-baring poster.  So shocking!  Whatever.)  As previously mentioned, there’s really no reason to remake this – the Swedish versions were pretty great.  Although I’ve got to be honest, I didn’t think someone from a privileged background like Rooney Mara would even be able to pull off the look.  She has.  (I also saw The Tree of Life – I’m still not sure what the fuck that was all about.  I think I can only progressive through a very linear narrative unless the director is Christopher Nolan.  Check it out, though – X-Men is slightly fresher on Rottentomatoes than TOL.  Suck it, Malick.)

Anyway, one interesting revelation in the VF article was that Larsson actually planned for the Millennium trilogy to be a decalogy, ten books.  (I doubt that’s really what you call a series of ten books, but I’m also not gonna look it up.  I don’t get paid for research.)  As a value-added service, I will fill you in on the other titles of the books in the planned tenology.


The Titles of All the Dragon Tattoo Books


1.  The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

2.  The Girl Who Played With Fire

3.  The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest

4.  The Girl Who Purchased A Sensible Handbag

5.  The Middle-Aged Lady Who Wound Her Biological Clock

6.  The Woman Whose Menopause Seemed Quite Similar to Playing With Fire

7.  The Woman Who Had Difficulty Ordering at Chipotle

8.  The Woman Who Needed to Seriously Reconsider Her Hairstyle

9.  The Single Old Woman Who Realized The Sad Irony of Having a Photographic Memory

10.  The Old Woman With The Saggin Tattoos




(There may be even more stuff this week, I am feeling somewhat motivated.  Stay tuned.  Or not – it’s summer.)

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