That’s Icelandish

That’s Icelandish


I’m heading to Reykavic…Rejkaviick….Iceland for the weekend. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, this will hopefully be at least a 3,000 word post when it’s all said and done. I am not going to be eating any whale tartar, in case you were wondering. Also, leaving town on the nicest day of the year to go where it’s 50 degrees is looking like a suspect decision at the moment.

Here’s a good read on Taco Bell from (h/t – i told ya’ll that Taco Bell rules.


Saw this glorious sight on the way in from the aeropuerto
Saw this painting sitting above the bed - not sure the site can handle the number of ????s this deserves following the requisite "WTF?"
Here's a famous church or bowling alley or something
Fridrik Fridriksson - a well-monikered fellow who did some heroic stuff or was a good politician. Sweet statue.
Iceland's motto should be: "Our summer is like a bad Seattle winter, except much windier and colder"
Got to straddle some tectonic plates, which was nice
I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed in Monte Carlo - it looks much better in those James Bond movies.
It's cool, I guess, that somebody uses a wall to show strangers how to tie a tie, but seems like "how to properly wear a scarf" and "the importance of layering, gloves and hats for dumb foreigners" might have been better topics
By request, a new picture of my beautiful feet - depicted here floating in the Blue Lagoon. No, it's not an all-male bathhouse, or the beginning of the Armageddon, as the photo might seem to suggest.
Sam, you might have to move to Iceland - this "KitKat Chunky" looks very much like a BigKat. Would've picked some up but have three large Toblerones weighing us down already.
We decided to swing by and confirm that this TB/KFC was living up to the standard established in the States
The place was packed - YUM knows how to handle their bizness


270 thoughts on “That’s Icelandish

  1. Holy Fire Sauce, Chillster! I logged on to check up on you, AND to notify you that I found some Big Kats down by the beach (boyyyyy!), and you totally scooped me! I reluctantly admit that finding those things in Reyjkanjknikajvik, Iceland is a bigger deal than finding them in Corpus Christi, TX, so nice work. (By the by, I think they’re just calling them ‘Kit Kat Extra Crispy’ instead of ‘Big Kat’, but we all know what they really are.)

    So, what the hell takes you to Iceland, anyhow (besides a desire to tell all your indie-music friends that you ‘get’ Sigur Ros’ music in a way they never can, because you’ve ‘been there’)?

  2. Just a weekend trip, weather was pretty nice in NY so we decided it made sense to revisit winter a little bit. (Actually was turning really nice our last day, of course. Our fault, if we had added like 1 layer, a hat and gloves we’d have been good to go at that geyser.)

  3. Dang, thanks so much for posting this! It is gonna aid me when I am thinking about going to Cinemark Century 16 in Fort Wayne! I am from Syracuse so I am not familiar with Corpus Christi. Next time I see my family will be much better! Rad!

  4. Oh snap, thanks very much for posting this! It is going to help me when I am thinking about going to Movies Corpus Christi TX in Fort Wayne! I am from Doylestown, PA so I am not familiar with Corpus Christi. Next time I see my family will be much better! Very Beautiful!

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