Search Me: June 2011

Search Me: June 2011


I received an email from the Internet that this was the only website not to throw up some Kate Upton images and that if I didn’t rectify that immediately I’d have to turn in the keys.  So that up there is a Kate Upton – apparently an internet/swimsuit modeling/glassholding sensation.  Personally, I don’t see what all the hubbub is about.  Anyway, she posts a lot of pictures to her twitter account, so I recommend checking it out if you are interested in that kind of thing.  If you like to read about people bitching about the disappearance of the beefy crunch burrito or complaining about cable companies, my twitter feed is probably for you.

Given that I am lazy as fuck, the easiest post for me to do is one that shows the random searches that led people here last month.  About 1500 unfortunate souls made their way here, mostly searching for info on douchebag bankers or goatees.  (That’s a lie – about 70% of the folks are looking into candy bars and ugly babies – but who wants to be typecast?)  Some people get here on “long-tail” searches, which means an absurd combination of words that should stand the test of time if The Algorithm somehow decides your site is the place to be.  I have some stuff I want to write about, but my current circumstances rarely provide opportunity for that much frivolity.  But I’m becoming even more obsessed with random 80’s videos/music and I’m sure that will interest at least 7 people reading this, when I get around to it.  Anyhow, this counts as a post, so suck it, Big G.


Categories of Searches That Led People Here This Month (with the search terms in bullets in case you are retarded)


I Apologize In Advance For Asking This, Mr. Search Engine

  • i know this is mean but the baby on friday night lights is ugly


That Sounds Inappropriate For A Family Website Like This

  • mesh shorts cock
  • diablo cody slang masturbating
  • historical figures i d like to fuck
  • filthiest offended
  • what movie does selma blair have sex with samuel jackson
  • oral sex and goatee
  • masturbation in submarines
  • elizabeth perkins fucking
  • white raper from trailer park boys


The Internet’s Leading Authority On Anal Leakage

  • do pork rinds cause anal seepage
  • funions anal leakage
  • does special k cracker chips cause anal leakage
  • sun chips=diarrhea
  • munchos chips diarrhea
  • do pork rinds cause anal leaking?
  • pork rhines cause anal leakage?
  • munchos anal seepage


I Thought I Was Mean

  • gracie bell cryptkeeper
  • how ugly is the baby on friday night lights??
  • gracie bell crypt keeper
  • is something wrong with the little girl gracie on friday night lights


No Idea How You Got Here From There

  • vin diesel in a pair of tighty whities
  • guy fieri wearing jorts
  • taking chantix and abilify together
  • jordan porter blacksburg
  • %
  • flamin hot funyuns hair mediatakeout
  • elisha cuthbert incredible feet
  • donka doo stud
  • have an mind of your own
  • desk is honey badgered



I'm beginning to get it...




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