I’m Still Working On It…

I’m Still Working On It…

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I was working on something more substantial last week…I’m still working on it, have been kind of tied up with important stuff that popped up (watching 25 episodes of My Boys on Netflix)…maybe it will be done later today or maybe not…as penalty for my lack of punctual posting, please accept this picture of a lion eating a little kid (via tbl and retronaut):


Looks pretty happy for someone about to bleed out


I’m also gonna revamp the site’s Facebook page at some point – I just finally got the ICQ page up and running, so prepping for a traffic boom from that.  I’ve got all kinds of plans, just low on motivation to actually type sh*t into the keyboard.  Maybe I’ll just update this post on Friday if any other quick stuff comes to mind and keep toiling away on the other post that I’ve kind of lost interest in.





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