Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations vs. Reality

A lot of people ask me, “Hey, Chilly, how’s it going? You still living the dream?”  This forces me to ponder how many 43 year olds dream about living at home and occasionally helping their dad urinate.  It’s not so bad though – the Sriracha at Wal-Mart here in Arkansas goes for $2.66, compared to, if I recall correctly, $18 at Gristedes.  (Don’t worry, I’m already working on this arb opportunity; next time in NYC I’m bringing twenty cases of Sriracha with me and will sell them on the sidewalk for $4.  I’m partnering with a gentleman who’s an expert in marketing used DVDs and cell phone accessories.)

Given that this site is just over three years old now, it’s probably time to reflect upon my post-banking path.  (I almost typed in “genuflect” there, because I momentarily thought it meant to genuinely reflect.  I think I’m getting stupider.  I thought iPad Boggle was supposed to sharpen your intellect?)  I’ll be honest: I predicted nothing short of meteoric success for myself in whatever endeavor I decided to pursue after getting canned.  For those of you who have read about my many previous occupations, you might ask yourself “why the hell did he think he would be hugely successful when he’s only been average/below average, at best, in his previous jobs?”  The answer (that I tell myself) is that I never really tried all that hard before, because I never really felt all that invested in anything.  They were all just jobs.  Now – elusive freedom in hand – I would focus my energies like never before, creating either sardonic-yet-enlightening-in-a-non-meaningful-way masterpieces of internet writing or performing myriad backtesting analyses to confirm/tighten my trading strategy and generate mucho cashflow.  (This is all detailed more thoroughly in my thus-far-unpublished trogger manifesto.)

Instead of all that, I mostly just kind of f*cked around.  Results could kindly be described as tepid.  But the way I understand it, it takes about twenty years to become a successful internet writer, so I’m really only 15% down the path.  Just getting started on my journey.  If I don’t see some results in another 15-17 years, I’m totally dumping this site.  The upside is, I’ve learned a lot about SEO (that’s search engine optimization for you nEwBs out there.  That’s how we internet people really talk, all cool and stuff with random capitals and in-the-know slang.)  In fact, I’m going to be using my newfound SEO knowledge to kickstart this motherf*cker in the near future.  On the trading front, I’m thinking my “hope for the best” approach will really generate some serious alpha going forward.  So it is all good in the hood, but there is certainly room for improvement (to quote virtually any of my performance reviews.)






6 thoughts on “Expectations vs. Reality

  1. Check out the painted on bikini section of the SI Swimsuit Issue. Do you think they airbrushed out the camel toe?

  2. No kidding – a lot going on on that cover, including major boob spillage and the shaving-required bikini bottom. The local Walgreens made sure to display them at eye level for five year olds, should hasten the self-exploration process for a new generation.

  3. You are seriously into the swimsuit issue – have you ever tried the internet? I’ve heard there are naked women on there frequently but I’ve never really looked into it.

    Isn’t erasing CT on painted-on bikini just a pixelated version of genital mutilation?

  4. Chillz – thanks for the shout out 😉 I’d say more – but I’m uncomfortable with the level of camel toe talk on this particular post. I will say though – as a mainly heterosexual female – that was QUITE the SI cover

  5. Yeah, sorry for the excessive CT talk, but that’s TDiddy for you…there used to be a hilarious CT site that was a .org and it was meant for humor not titillation, but it doesn’t appear to be around now, a quick search leads to mostly gymnasts and beach volleyball players, not fat, non-self-aware types

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