Is Tim Tebow Pregnant With Jeremy Lin’s Baby? Kate Upton Says, “Maybe!”

Is Tim Tebow Pregnant With Jeremy Lin’s Baby? Kate Upton Says, “Maybe!”

Even with today's technology, cleaning cropping stuff out of a photo to merge with another photo is difficult (especially for those who've come to shun attention to detail)

Many in attendance at the iPad 3 launch couldn’t help but ask: is that a baby bump on Tim Tebow, virgin?  And could Jeremy Lin (Knicks), newly minted global symbol of perseverance and acceptance, not to mention subject of approximately 20 billion stupid puns, possibly be the father?  While the prospects of a Lin Tebow gay romance seemed like a marketing dream, many observers felt such a pairing unlinkly and perhaps linpossible.  SI covergirl Kate Upton felt otherwise after her brief meeting with the (allegedly) virginal Tebow and noting that he did not immediately make an effort to become “special friends” with her.  Later, while discussing the Facebook IPO with Mitt Romney (Republican), Kate Upton – who is hot – realized that she was actually thinking of MTV’s Snooki, who actually did attempt to touch her in her bathing suit areas (which, judging from the cover of SI, required some precision).  When asked if Snooki pregnant, awesome DJ Skrillex declared himself ready for the Ruffneck bass.  It is unclear what that means. Weighing in on the Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin matter, Sofia Vergara – naked except for jeans, presumably undergarments and a borrowed Kim Kardashian Reggie Bush jersey – confirmed that it was indeed Snooki pregnant.



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  1. In arkansas, we call it “having our morning meth”…there’s a joke hidden in there somewhere, but potentially my brain is addled from too much internet reading…

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