A Traditional Chilly Thanksgiving

A Traditional Chilly Thanksgiving

I’ve been going waaaaaay against my personal grain lately and trying to replicate various hot sauces with like real peppers and such.  I have generally tried to abstain from vegetable-like substances in anything other than salsafied form.  However, the local grocery store has an abundance of habaneros and such (and the upscale version of HEB occasionally has ghost peppers and trinidad scorpions) so I’ve been working on my own versions of the local green sauce delicacy (kind of, sort of previously referenced here).

The holy grail of sauces, however, is the chili verde sauce from Anna’s taqueria in the Boston area.  I’m almost certain I averaged over 300 burritos per year during my two years in Somerville.  I’ve tried roughly 785 other versions of chili verde and nothing has even approached the deliciousness level of Anna’s.  (When I was doing banking campus recruiting, I did everything in my power to hit Anna’s, including showing up an hour before it opened and waiting as well as taking five burritos back to NYC, much to the disdain of the airport employees trying to understand my need for foiled logs in my carryon.  Incredibly, they added an Anna’s on-campus at MIT like two years after I left (although to be fair that Good Will Hunting dome is pretty far from the Sloan campus.)

Anyway, I did a trial run last week that was fantastic, so I amped up my efforts this week thinking that maybe I needed a few more tomatillos would help adjust toward an Anna’s-like level of perfection.  I kind of f*cked it up though, as I should’ve added fewer – possibly no – tomatillos as I’m now convinced Anna’s is purely Poblano-powered.  This batch looked exactly like what I wanted (note: I cheated on the pork portion of the meal – it’s previously cooked carnitas from HEB that are tremendous on their own) but the taste was a disappointment.  Anaheim peppers are not hot even though they look like they would be, and detracted from the taste.  Too many tomatillos, turned out way too citrusy.  Not nearly as hot as before thanks to a relative dearth of habaneros.  Overall, I’d give this effort about a 4/10.

Started with all this stuff...


...ended up with this (was better than this sh*tty picture indicates). Super Big Gulp and Big Bold Red helped the cause.


Hope everybody had happy holidays and sh*t, I’ll try and write up some of the business type stuff later as I’ve had some inbound questions about what the hell I’m doing.




Five Years Ago…

Five Years Ago…

I got laid off from my investment banking gig on November 19th, 2008 (a bitterly cold day in which the internet went out at home – will live in personal infamy forever due to the internet more than the layoff).  On November 19th, 2013, I bought a real honest-to-goodness small business, with six employees and everything.  The end of an era of waking up whenever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted…although this venture is pretty much self-sustaining, I’ll probably be spending quite of time working on it at the outset.

I’m planning to write a few posts going through the interesting (perhaps to me only?) aspects of diligencing and negotiating a small business deal.  Deal structure was also a learning experience, as buying something when you are essentially broke requires some maneuvering and learning about various think-outside-the-box structures (such as the ominously-named ROBS setup that I opted not to pursue).  Hell, I might even throw in a post or two about my finally-acted-upon “lose twenty pounds in three months” exercise/diet plan that was surprisingly easy.

More later,



Cooking With Chilly: Quick ‘n Easy Vegetable Sauté

Cooking With Chilly: Quick ‘n Easy Vegetable Sauté

I’m gonna try and expand the breadth of the blog a little bit, as I’ve realized I have more to offer the three of you who still click here than outdated analysis of Lady Gaga’s latest music video.  I like to eat.  You like to eat.  Everybody likes to eat.  People like eating so much that they like to watch shows about it.


For this recipe – and for most good sauté recipes – having a nice sauté pan (or even a reliable skillet!) and a great bottle of extra virgin olive oil is essential.

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