Five Years Ago…

I got laid off from my investment banking gig on November 19th, 2008 (a bitterly cold day in which the internet went out at home – will live in personal infamy forever due to the internet more than the layoff).  On November 19th, 2013, I bought a real honest-to-goodness small business, with six employees and everything.  The end of an era of waking up whenever I wanted, doing whatever I wanted…although this venture is pretty much self-sustaining, I’ll probably be spending quite of time working on it at the outset.

I’m planning to write a few posts going through the interesting (perhaps to me only?) aspects of diligencing and negotiating a small business deal.  Deal structure was also a learning experience, as buying something when you are essentially broke requires some maneuvering and learning about various think-outside-the-box structures (such as the ominously-named ROBS setup that I opted not to pursue).  Hell, I might even throw in a post or two about my finally-acted-upon “lose twenty pounds in three months” exercise/diet plan that was surprisingly easy.

More later,