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“Wednesday Was A Good Day”

“Wednesday Was A Good Day”

Courtesy GQ
Courtesy GQ

Hola.  It’s a Friday during summer, so I expect all of 4 or 5 people to be reading this instead of soaking up the sun.  Suddenly hot as fuck in NYC, really brings out the delicate aromas in the garbage bags on the street.  A little more of Megan Fox from GQ, I think her engaging personality and vibrant performances are really captivating people.  (She has also apparently done some crunches recently)

I couldn’t post on Thursday as I was a little hung ov – um, I wasn’t feeling well.  But Wednesday was a good day.  Please enjoy some classic Ice Cube complete with my alternative lyrics (in written form, I don’t have the technology or talent to record shit).

“Wednesday Was A Good Day”

Wednesday woke up around nine fifteen,

no hangover – what’s that mean?

Practicing moderation,

plus have no vocation,

let’s check the NASDAQ

ISRG on the comeback,

No job, no conference calls,

no stupid meetings,

And I didn’t even have to read an 8-K,

Wednesday was a good day

Feeling hungry,

strolled over

to Qdoba

forgot it’s only five to ten

Gave $2 to the needy,

stopped by Gristedes,

grabbed some Arriba Salsa – nice,

$5.99 is now the everyday low price,

those motherfuckers couldn’t stop me,

I know how to shop, see,

manager couldn’t splain why

bodega down the street a better buy

Price now only represents

about one percent

of my unemployment check.

And I didn’t even have to read an 8-K,

Wednesday was a good day

Back home, cook up some tacos,

pollo’s tight,

no problems from the knockos,

unless they hiding,

but I’m pretty law abiding,

paranoid from too much Wire,

mouth on fire,

man, I forgot:

Arriba’s fucking hot.

Head over to the gym for some lifting,

bench about three fifty,

nah, shit, only one eight five,

will survive

twenty minutes on the mill

now it’s time to chill

or maybe take a fucking nap

And I didn’t even have to read an 8-K,

Wednesday was a good day

Wake up from my nap,

holy crap!

it’s four thirty – did my stocks pop?

oops, don’t drop that laptop!

up three percent, Ted,

time for some fermented

grapes –

Menage, boy, that’s right

G1 blowin up –

“you going out, what up tonight?”

No chance,

Wednesday, son:

So You Think You Can Dance.

And I didn’t even have to read an 8-K,

Wednesday was a good day

Looking good tonight, Cat,

Hey where’s my SO at?

Not home by ten as promised,

Guess I’ll hafta grab some hummus.

Wait, there she is – what the hell?

Is that a bag of Taco Bell?

Fuck that mashed garbanzo,

I’ll have a volcanco taco.

Okay, that wasn’t real,

she didn’t show til 2:00 AM

taco-free and drunk, my friend,

But technically that was Thursday,

so all-in-all,

Wednesday was a good day….

Nice fail, Emmy voters
Nice fail, Emmy voters

Enjoy your weekends and shit,