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Three Reasons Why My Life Is Awesome, Three Reasons It Sucks

Three Reasons Why My Life Is Awesome, Three Reasons It Sucks


1.  I flew to Los Angeles on a whim and spent the first day at a Dodger game and catching up with my old Navy roommate.  The next two days at the beach and today at the pool.

2.  I am driving to Vegas tonight at 9:30 with SO and fellow degenerate Jobu.

3.  I am going to play craps until probably 6:30 AM, at which point the market will open and I can close out some of my May options positions.


Three Reasons It Sucks


1.  Somehow my comps at Mandalay expired and they said I needed to pay (casino rate) to stay at The Hotel.  Fuck that, I ain’t payin – even if it will likely get comped at the end, my reputation as one of the stupidest, loosest gamblers should well proceed me.  They used to send me invites to stay for a week over New Year’s on a fucking pillow (not joking) and now I need to drop coin?  Don’t think so.

2.  I’m staying at the Monte Carlo.  I’ve never stayed there but they offered me a suite and $600 to stay there, so fuck it.  Ghetto style is in, anyway.

3.  I still have fucking “Blame It” running through my head non-stop.  It’s somehow teaming up with my tinnitus to drive me fucking insane.  Although it’s probably bad that I purposely listened to it 15 times while on a run today.  I’m gonna go blame it on the goose….



Get ya feelin loose
Get ya feelin loose




I guess, all in all, that things are PRETTY FUCKING SWEET,