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Wasted Potentialz Is Going On Safari

Wasted Potentialz Is Going On Safari

I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but have been busy buying khaki shoes, socks, etc.  Will be out of the country for a couple weeks but will add bad-ass pictures of rhino-wrestling, hippo-juggling, etc as internet access allows.  There will be one more real post tomorrow though.  Will try to have a couple of micro-posts if possible, but could be a little dry around here until mid-august.

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To set the mood for the trek, I highly recommend the video below if you have a spare eight minutes.  It’s like a hollywood production, there’s three acts, heroes, villains, unexpected guests.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you might not laugh…but it is pretty awesome.

Given that it’s almost August, hopefully everyone is getting the hell out of town for a bit,