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I get a lot of questions about this website, but the biggest mystery to new readers is: who/what is top poster dicksukha#1?  Mystery resolved: the name/avatar dicksukha#1 is an homage to this person.  This is questionably safe for work – cartoonish tattoo nudity (with apparent happy ending) is involved, as well as poor use of the number sign convention.  While our poster is not completely true to the stylistic spelling of the original (who I suspect does not have regular internet access and is thus unlikely to post here regularly), he does capture her/(his?) spirit as well as her/his lifelong interest in hockey.  So if your work (or spouse?) is opposed to cartoonish tattoo nudity, hold off.  But it is, without question, hilarious.  And spiky.  So I recommend clicking if you need like a 30-second-minimum improvement to your day.

This photo leads to a lot of other questions, obviously.  Who was Jerry?  Was the need to obscure the original, ill-fated breast tattoo so great that she (he?) had to get anatomical over THE CENTER OF HER (HIS?) CHEST?  Who’s 2#dicksucka?  Was this a legitimate contest?  Who sanctioned it?  Was it an NCAA event?  Was there an option of a trophy or medal instead of a large center-of-the-chest tattoo?  Assuming this is a lady, how does the tat affect her ability to wear a low cut cocktail dress to an important social event?  (Obviously such strong credentials could boost social standing as well)  There are tons of questions, these are only the tip – which would still be visible wearing most non-puritan clothing…

1#DS, I salute you.  Also – how was this contest scored?  I assume an international panel of judges?  Seems like a very subjective sport….

Real post coming Thursday, couldn’t let this wait though – too topical,

Chilly17, some wasted potential here