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Tierarchy: Bottom Rung Identified

Tierarchy: Bottom Rung Identified

I need to quickly update my treatise on tie brand hierarchy (or, as identified by the Google search engine, “tierarchy” a word I invented/created/coined).  In the original piece, I focused mainly on the brands that were acceptable as everyday Wall Street attire.  Yesterday, I spotted some ties that are at the bottom of the tierarchy totem pole.

You are shopping at the wrong tie store if you can also purchase a Swiffer, condoms and hemorrhoid medicine there
Helpful hint: don't buy your ties at the same place where you can also pick up a Swiffer, hemorrhoid medication and some condoms.


If you are tie shopping at Rite Aid, you are doing it wrong – even if you are a Summer Analyst.  Although, bonus points for the kid willing to buy one of these, wear it to the office, and successfully fish for compliments.  “Thanks, I got it at Rite Aid, they have a pretty killer accessory selection.  I got this belt there, too.”


I am not done with the Summer Associate stuff, but exhausted from that friggin AC recap,