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Some Must-Read Bizness

Some Must-Read Bizness

Tunica trip was awesome – I highly recommend it if you are in the area (about 30 miles south of Memphis).  The Horsheshoe was an excellent venue – tons of craps tables, flowing drinks and generous comps.  I continued my winning streak (now at six sessions) but sadly SO’s came to an inglorious end on Sunday/Monday.  A high school buddy of mine manned up bigtime and made the 2.5 hour drive to come stay up all night rolling bones.  Two nephews also made a cameo appearance – good times.  Anyway, I finished up around 4:30 AM on Monday so have been struggling to recover.

In lieu of a real post that requires, you know, thought, I’ll instead provide some links to some recent fantastic articles.  They are about a week old, so maybe musty-read is a better title; if you haven’t read them though, definitely worth your time.


Clearly the face of a future financial titan
Clearly the face of a future financial titan

The Lenny Dykstra Saga


For those of you not familiar with the story, Lenny Dykstra was an outfielder for the Mets and Phillies in the 80’s and 90’s, a fan favorite nicknamed “Nails” for his hard-charging, fence-crashing style.  Amid rumors of steroid use, Lenny faded from view in the mid-90’s.  Lenny had made some money with a chain of car washes in and around Corona, California and somehow parlayed that into a gig at as an option strategist.  Most option experts were highly skeptical of his strategy (buying deep in the money calls and waiting for them to go up $1), but Lenny consistently hyped his “record” of wins/losses.  He didn’t go into much detail on how he would double down his initial bet (or much worse) to keep it alive so he wouldn’t have to register a “loss.”  (These were all theoretical trades that he was recommending to subscribers, essentially a Martingale betting system were you just keep increasing your bet.  I’m pretty sure most people wouldn’t be into buying $120k worth of Intel options hoping to make that initial $1k eventually).

Read these chronologically (the author of one of my blogroll blogs is even quoted in the espn piece):

Nails Never Fails” – The New Yorker, March 24th, 2008

“You think your job sucks?  Try working for Lenny Dykstra” –

Dykstra’s business: a bed of ‘Nails‘” –

Not that I’ve ever thought much of Jim Cramer, but he will certainly never live down his calling Lenny “one of the great ones in the business.”  I wouldn’t buy a bag of chips based on what Cramer has to say after that bullshit.


At the pinnacle
At the pinnacle


The Most Comprehensive Madoff Piece to Date

 There will clearly be a lot more to come on this story, but definitely an interesting read.  Particularly the role of his office manager, who will likely be critical to piecing together how/why/when/who.  Is it possible his family really had no idea?

How Bernie Madoff did it” –


I’ll be back tomorrow with some hard-hitting insights into gum, comic books or something.



Odds n Ends

Odds n Ends


This flu is seriously pissing me off.  It’s screwed up my workout regimen.  It’s screwed up my drinking regimen.  Only my TV watching regimen remains intact.  It’s tough to write pithy observations about stuff when you feel like shit.  Man, pithy doesn’t mean exactly what I thought it meant – I’ve apparently been misusing that for years.  I’m definitely not “concise” or “full of substance.”  Make that “snarky” observations then.  Fuck, I swore I would never use the word “snarky” in my life.  This flu is bringing me down, big time.


I’m headed to a wedding in Little Rock this weekend


So I’m flying into LR, right?  Wrong.  Me-im-phis (more than a two syllable word down south).  What’s 30 min from Memphis?  Tunica, MS – home of the best craps games in the U.S.  Get some barbecue, roll some 5s and 9s, drink some vodka crans.  Maybe total degeneracy is the only thing that can generate the necessary antibodies to combat this plague.  Anybody want to meet at the Horseshoe on Wednesday or Sunday night?  Right in the middle of the country – a short flight from NYC, West Coast, Michigan, wherever…



Hard Fours will work just fine
Hard Fours will work just fine





Observation that probably only interests me


I did a little research on Free Radio, that “new” show on VH1.  Apparently it’s not new, the first season was last year.  I completely whiffed on that.  It’s all available online, too, looks like.  So I might go check out season one on the ole computer.  Anywho, I realized after a gander at that the star and creator, Lance Krall, was also on the first season of The Joe Schmo Show in 2003.  

TJSS was a fairly hilarious fake reality show in which only one person thought it was real, the titular Joe – a perfectly cast everyman named Matt Kennedy Gould.  So the entire show was generally scripted, except they never knew exactly how Matt would react to the planned storylines, so there were many improv moments.  Great concept, and was actually heartwrenching at times, like when the old military guy got “kicked off” and Matt started bawling.  Anyway, the show was filled with stock characters – an unknown Kristen Wiig was the dowdy marriage counselor, a minor character from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia played the asshole, etc.  Lance Krall played the gay guy.

Why is that interesting to me?  Because in the insufferable second season of the TJSS, the “gotta be gay” character was played by Jonathan Torrens.  Who’s that?  Do you know him better as J-Roc?  Still nothing?  J-Roc is the white rapper in Trailer Park Boys, the best thing to come from Canada since poutine.  I will go into more detail on TPB in a later post (I watch international shit too, so you don’t have to) but all you need to know about J-Roc is what he’s sayin.  What you may perceive as shoddy picture quality in the clip below is actually the pinnacle of Canadian video recording technology today.





Clint Black should really consider canning his agent after Celebrity Apprentice is over


First off, this show is putrid.  I hate myself for watching it.  It’s awful.  I guess I’m just hoping that there will finally be a Joan Rivers-Melissa Rivers-Annie Duke free for all that results in the three of them tumbling from a window at Trump Tower.  So they will all. Finally. Shut. The. Fuck. Up….

Anyway, beyond Herschel Walker’s fountain of youth, the only quasi-interesting part of this show is every participant’s intense, and well-documented, hatred of Clint Black.  Usually on these quality programs it’s pretty clear why someone is “the villain.”  Clint comes off as a pretty decent guy for the most part, maybe overly opinionated.  Little bit of a narcisist – he always wants to center any marketing around himself.  But his onscreen behavior hasn’t really seemed to warrant being physically threatened by Dennis Rodman, verbally eviscerated by Joan Rivers, and even dissed by the amiable Jesse James.  (Jesse James is the only one of this lot that you could tolerate even a two minute elevator ride with before homicidal urges would set in).  Guilty or not, Clint Black should probably stay away from any media events that even hint at his apparently despicable true nature.

And what’s up with that Piers Morgan guy?  Who is he?  Why doesn’t he shut the fuck up?  Speaking of Piers…



I saw that Susan Boyle video


She’s not even hot – what’s the big deal?


Because I can:




Tomorrow I plan a return to both full health and my Crappy Jobs list,